Break-Fast Jam 2017 thrills fans

By Denis Nsubuga
The annual Break Fast Jam, arguably one of best Uganda’s dance events, happened over the weekend. The two-day event – happening on Saturday and Sunday—took place at YMCA Wandegeya, with its usual electrifying vibe.

As usual, the 7th edition att​racted Uganda’s breakdance and hip hop community and lovers of these two genres of art that have since gained ground among the Urban and peri-urban young youth.

The event was a showcase of dance talent—a display of footwork, flips and friendly competition between bboys, bgirls, kids, poppers and crews. The dance floor was surrounded by ecstatic spectators who cheered on several jaw-dropping moves. The agility of the dances left many blown away. It was that engaging. Dance was accompanied by hip hop performances by various rappers.

Organised by Breakdance Project Uganda, the event followed an elimination process where the best were selected to showcase at the finals. So the audience had the cream, who indeed didn’t disappoint. Entertaining they did.

Winners of the different categories;
Seven to Smoke – Kiryowa Fahadhi
One on One – Bogere Allan
Kid’s battle -Ndawula Ronald
Popping – Kawooya Shakur
Three on Three – SpotLite Crew
Bgirl – Nambalirwa Joana​

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