Anerlisa Muigai Finally Unveils Her Man’s Face Amid Rumours He’s Married With A Kid (Video)

Anerlisa Muigai has been hiding her man from the public eye for a while now, claiming that she learnt her lesson and she chooses to keep him away from the public’s eye.

From the look of things, she’s not drinking what she’s preaching after all.

Anerlisa and Don

A video has surfaced of Anerlisa and her Mr Right,  man whose name is Don Mbugua, in a car singing along to a love ballard, chuckling like high school sweethearts. In the video, Don is seen kissing Anerlisa’s cheek as he drives.

This comes days after Anerlisa clapped back at a lady, who commented on her photo revealing that Don is apparently married and has a kid.

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Anerlisa went ahead to give her a piece of her mind, stating that no man is stolen and if at all he’s married, she should present the marriage certificate.

Anerlisa and don

She said, “@joy_njokie Please remove this cheap crap from my page… you all been attacking me on chitchat and kilimani even when I was in my hospital bed. As I said if Don is married can she post their marriage certificate. (still waiting for it). And just to make it clear no man is stolen, he chooses to walk away and even if you have 1,2,3…10…50 kids before marriage doesn’t guarantee you of marriage #LetAGirlBreathe.”

‘No Man Is Stolen, He Chooses To Walk Away’ – Anerlisa Muigai Claps Back At Lady Who Claimed She Stole A Man

Read some of the comments below;

Mary: Wako maji alafu kesho ampige picha afiche uso , ati no more social media affair ,pombe sio supu

Trishoweso: I know they say don’t judge a book by its cover, but he looks like a con 😂

Sunny: She looks so happy I’m afraid for her heart. Cause we all know how these Kenyan boys be!

Eva: I don’t know why this boy looks like a fuckboy to me. Anyway to each their own

Nonie: she’s always using that caption sijui bla bla bla bla keep him private 😂😂😂, leo nikama alikunywa muratina

Goldi: Aki she is cruel yaani after all that weight and the emotional support then someone dumbs you just like that.

loading254: With all that money but she has no chewing Manners🙄

Cieloh: “Get that coin bro”😂😂😂😂😂🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

Libra: I think Anerlisa is in love with the dude, but I wouldn’t trust a man who leaves the woman he was with and child for me. High chances are, he’ll do the same to me

Watch the video below;

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