Fitness: These 3 moves are guaranteed to give you that elusive v-cut

After these core exercises, you'll look like you've been Photoshopped.

Often we ignore our obliques, opting for crunches upon crunches instead. But no more. Your obliques are responsible for giving you that superhero-V look, and it’s time we’ve paid more attention to them.

So let’s start by shredding them up. In this oblique-centric workout, Nick Packs, a co-owner/instructor at Ripped Fitness, will show you three moves guaranteed to turn those muscles into stone—and all you need is a dumbbell.

“I’m here to show you the most intense oblique exercise,” Pags says. "I call this the OMG obliques.”

Oh, boy.

Start the routine on your back, with the dumbbell held overhead in your right hand. Then do a getup, keeping your stomach tight. “Coming straight up, tight stomach, you’re driving the right elbow to opposite side knee,” Pags says. Really feel the squeeze and attack the right-side oblique for 10 reps.

After that, move into a side plank (right-side down) and grab the dumbbell with your left hand. Swing the weight over and under your body for 10 reps. Again, you should really be feeling the squeeze on your right oblique. Go for 10 again.

Lastly, finish up with the weight on the floor. Get into a plank position with a wide base and press the dumbbell up and down on the floor, again feeling the burn in your right oblique.

Do 10 reps of each exercise, says Pags. “Three round on the right, three rounds on the left. It’s a ton of reps, but we’re going to shred up those obliques.”

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