Avril: Singer Avril reveals the unknown eye condition she is suffering from

It started when she was a child

Kenyan song bird Avril has revealed the unknown eye condition she has been suffering from.

Avril said that the spectacles she is always seen wearing are not just a fashion thing, but she has been short sighted since she was child.


My glasses are not a fashion thing… I’m actually myopic… visually that is lol.. Have been from when I was a kid (please no medical solutions on my comments section… I’m okay and love my nerdy glasses. In other news.. Good morning fam woke up okay? #AriseAndGrind,” she said.

She also revealed that her eyesight has been growing better over time and that is why she does not wear the spectacles all the time.


Avril said that she only needs to have her glasses on when either watching TV or driving.

Over time my eyesight has gotten better I don’t have to wear them all the time just when I’m in front of a screen laptop, TV and driving .. Don’t like to risk it etc. .. I substitute with contact lenses front time to time,” said Avril.