Big Brother Naija: Leo says he was ‘really sad’ because of Alex and not his eviction

Mixed reactions from Nigerians on Twitter meet Alex’s revelation of her traumatic abortion ordeal at 16

During an interview with Pulse, Leo spoke about how he really feels about Alex's reaction on National TV and the misconceptions people have about their relationship.

Former Big Brother Naija housemate Leo says he was sad because of Alex and not his eviction.

Following Leo's eviction, Alex, who had just survived eviction from the house, broke into uncontrollable tears. She even told Miracle that she wishes that Nigerians had saved Leo instead of her.

During an interview with Pulse, Leo spoke about how he really feels about her reaction on National TV, misconceptions people have about their relationship and the possibility of one in the future.


On how he feels about her reaction

Just like I said on the eviction show, I was really sad. Not because I got evicted. I was really sad because she was really crying.

And the fact that she was crying on national TV, people perceive her as weak. But actually, Alex isn't weak. It just made me really sad and I didn't like that for her brand.


On misconceptions about his relationship with Alex

You see the issue is, I don't understand if the show was shown fully. But right from the start, I explained to Alex that  I liked someone outside the house.

I had the conversation with her and Ifu as well, because Ifu wanted to know exactly where we stand.

I remember that day I said, 'see, I am not one to rush a relationship.' I have known Alex for two months and I have known the person I am interested in since I was in University.

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I prefer to be friends before learning to love, and I have been friends with this person for a while and I feel that it's time for me to pursue that as a relationship.

On pursuing a relationship with Alex

So, I don't know what the future holds – obviously I'm not saying that Alex is not my type or anything – I would really love to purse that [a relationship with Alex] as well. But there's a scale of preference, because someone was there before her.

Leo was evicted from the Big Brother house on Sunday, March 11, 2018.


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