In The Bag: Mad man who killed kindergarten pupils nabbed by police

A man who reportedly suffers from a mental challenge has murdered two kindergarten pupils in Ogun state.

The police have arrested a suspected mad man alleged to have killed two kindergarten pupils in Ogun state.

Lekan Adebisi, a mad man who reportedly chopped two kindergarten pupils to death in Ogun State has been arrested by the police.

Earlier reports confirmed that the victims, Mubarak Kalesowo and Sunday Obituyi, died in a school attack on Monday, March 12, 2018.

The deceased both aged four years old, were killed at the St. John’s Primary School, Agodo, where they study.


Abimbola Oyeyemi, the Police Public Relations Officer for Ogun State, confirmed that the suspect was arrested two days after the attack.

According to Punch News, the efforts made policemen and some local hunters had proved successful in apprehending the suspected lunatic.

“Their efforts paid off in the early hours of today (Wednesday) when the suspect was seen in a bush around the community.

“When they wanted to arrest him, the suspect, who was brandishing a sharp cutlass, attacked them, consequent upon which he was shot and injured on the leg,” Oyeyemi told Punch.

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State police commissioner, Ahmed Iliyasu, has reportedly order a transfer of the case to the Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department in Abeokuta.

Mentally challenged couple unhappy sex was interrupted

A mentally challenged couple did not wear a happy look after they were interrupted in the process of having sex in Abia State.

The pair who were looking to get action at an uncompleted building in a residential community were sent out of the structure by folks living in the area.


This incident was reported on Wednesday, February 7, 2018.

In a picture, the male partner who wore a dreaded hair was seen with his hands akimbo, suggesting a dissatisfaction over the interruption. His lover could not hide the displeasure she felt having the 'lights put out before dinner'.