Love Advice: 4 ways to save your relationship after a partner cheats

4 ways to save your relationship after a partner cheats

Your relationship can still survive for long and be filled with happiness despite infidelity.

Cheating is not always the end of a relationship and if you have had to deal with an unfaithful partner, there are ways to save your relationship after a partner cheats.

It sounds ridiculous and it is uncommon but sometimes, unfaithfulness could bring two people closer and could be what spurs them into a beautiful, lasting phase of better understanding and stronger bonds.

This is because sometimes, cheating is only but a mistake; a one off thing that the cheater sorely regrets and genuinely intends to put behind himself or herself for life.

In some other instances, partners could realise that the cheating was of course the fault of the person who stepped out of their commitment but they could have done so for reasons that only them can't bear responsibility for.

Regardless, to salvage a relationship from the jaws of cheating and infidelity, here are ways to do so

1. Communicate

Communication is key. You have to discuss, talk about what happened – although there is a little of question of how much details is necessary.

In any case, honest conversations will be needed and those channels of communication need to be kept open to limit the chances of the cheating occurring again.

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2. The outsider is not your problem

Focus on your partner. And your partner only. That's the only person that is committed to you – or supposed to be.

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3. Be reasonable

It's one thing for a cheat to apologise emotionally after being caught or after a confession; it is another thing to be sincere about turning a new leaf.

Be open about giving them a chance but also be reasonable. If there ever was an exception to the rule of never taking breaks from your relationship, this is it.

4. You need a support system

Don't try to do it alone. There is a very thin line between doing the right thing here and making a huge mistake.

You could either wrongly let a sincere partner go because of a mistake they genuinely regret or take back a chronic cheat who would do it again.

You need an extra pair of eyes to give a different perspective.


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