Slow metabolism: 7 foods to eat that help speed up metabolism

Add these to your diet for a faster metabolism.

If you’ve been working out and eating healthier to try and lose some weight but still aren’t seeing the results; the problem may be with your metabolism.

Having a slow metabolism basically means that your body converts the food you take into energy slower and as a result of this can lead to weight gain.

Adding these foods to your diet however can help speed up your metabolism.

1.Hot peppers


A compound known as capsaicin in hot peppers helps boost your metabolism by raising your body temperature.

2.Bell peppers/hoho


Even though in small amounts, bell peppers also contain capsaicin which can help speed up your metabolism.



Despite not being the tastiest vegetable, celery helps to stimulate digestion, keeps your body hydrated and contains fat-burning fiber.

4.Red wine


Red wine contains resveratrol which helps metabolize sugar in the body.



Yoghurt seems to be a wonder food having many different advantageous properties. In addition to its many benefits, it can also help speed up metabolism.



A study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism found that drinking 500ml of water spiked one’s metabolic rate by 30 percent within 10 minutes. The effect lasted for about an hour.

7.Paw Paw


Paw paw contains an enzyme called papain that improves digestion which also helps in boosting metabolism and burning fat.