Royal Bee brings the Depths of the Simplicity of Love in Ndinoda Iwe

Musician Royal Bee real name Brighton Chigwida trades his favourite holy waters for the pan and pots in an introductory scene to his video Ndinoda Iwe.

In the video, the wife played by a beautiful short-haired girl whose beaming smile is a constant feature throughout, Royal Bee is in the kitchen making something for the first lady in his life.

This video reminds us of how powerful and captivating a simple storyline can be, especially when the song talks about the universal language of love.

Simple in the fact that the cast has people who look just like us with no exaggerated looks, the lady deliberately has short, untreated hair showing off her natural beauty.

The greatest difference between “Ndinoda Iwe and other videos which attempt to tell the same topic of love and affection is in its ultimate focus.

Its focus is on love and how uncomplicated it can be if we just let it be, which is the underlying story.

In the video, Royal Bee creates an environment on the stage where he was merely an intermediary for the audience to experience the life of two lovebirds.

From the Kitchen scene to the shores, he brought the depths of his heart and his emotions to life.

Shot in Cape Town, Watch the video below


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