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Strategy: Meet Tiger Woods’ mysterious new girlfriend, a restaurant manager no one has heard of before now

Tiger's new girlfriend is not well known.

Tiger Woods has been dating Erica Herman for the last few months. The golfer's time at The Masters Tournament may lead to a sight of the restaurant manager.

  • Tiger Woods is back and healthy, eager to pull off a strong performance at The Masters.
  • Woods is dating Erica Herman, who is a manager at a Florida restaurant he owns.
  • The divorced golfer started dating Herman last year, and the couple made their first appearance together in April.

Tiger Woods has teed off at The Masters in Augusta, Georgia.

His girlfriend may be watching him from the crowd at the most prestigious golf tournament in the world. Tiger Woods — one of the game's all-time greats and a four-time Masters champion — will be cheered on by Erica Herman in person or from afar.

While little is known about Tiger's girlfriend and their relationship, her potential appearance at The Masters may be one of the few times she has been seen publicly.

Below, what we know so far about Erica Herman:

Multiple sources have cited Herman as being 33 years old, which would make her a full decade younger than her beau.

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Source: The Daily Mail

The Metro reports that Herman is a registered Republican who grew up in Orlando.

Source: The Metro

Herman is the general manager at The Woods, Tiger's high-class sports bar in Jupiter, Florida.

Source: The Woods

The couple's first public appearance together was at the October 2017 President's Cup at Liberty National Golf Course.

At the Jersey City golf tournament, Herman wore a "player spouse" credential donned by other golfers' wives and partners.

Source: Business Insider

When the US team won the President's Cup, Herman was included in the picture of the US wives and girlfriends.


While their status was unknown at the time of the tournament, The Sun says that the couple went public with their relationship in November.

Source: The Sun

The couple was seen at a World Series game last October sporting Dodgers' gear. Los Angeles lost the series to the Houston Astros in seven games.

In February, Woods and Herman were spotted leaving Nobu, a Japanese restaurant in Malibu.

Source: The Sun

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Woods' past relationships gained much notoriety. He divorced from wife Elin Nordegren in 2010 after his alleged extramarital affairs became public.

Woods then dated Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn for three years and Kristin Smith for two years. Smith recently popped up in the news when she tried to break the non-disclosure agreement she signed with Tiger after their August 2017 breakup.

Source: The Daily News

Despite being ranked number 104 in the world, Tiger Woods is off to a strong start this season — and it's likely that we'll see Herman by his side.

Source: Business Insider

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