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Avril pregnant

She has explained everything.

Although Avril is one of the most famous, most photographed and most followed celebrities in Kenya, she managed to slither away from the roving lens of the paparazzi for a large part of her pregnancy.

But yesterday, after months of speculation, Avril put the speculations to rest by confirming that she was expecting her first born identified simply as ‘M’.

Though she is a public figure, Avril made a conscious decision to keep this one aspect of her life private as people have a tendency to sh*t on good things.


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And due to her history with Kenyan blogs, Avril didn’t want her pregnancy to become a media circus.

“I see some of these articles and get irritated to my core, so let me set the record straight. I have never ‘refuted’ my life and lifestyle and until recently my being with child.

I just chose not to have to be dragged into your nonsense reports all the damn time. We all know how you love to change beautiful things into scandals for your hits. Stop lying to people about what I’ve said or not said cause that bullsh*t Whatsapp screenshot was from someone I once respected did not at any point turn into the word you type. Thank you for your time.” Avril posted.

The pregnant star had earlier disclosed that she had ran out of f*cks to give.’


 It seems mama bear has come out and she is not here to play!

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