Maina Kageni: From Lulu Hassan to Maina Kageni here are 10 celebrities with successful side hustles (Photos)

Lulu Hassan

These celebs are balling thanks to their successful side hustles.

Ever wondered what your favourite celebrity does away from the public eye? Well, wonder no more!

We gathered a list of celebrities and what they do when they are off work aka their side hustles. To start us off is:

1. Maina Kageni


The radio presenter is an MC on the side, owns a couple of condos in Nairobi and Miami, Florida. He also owns a modelling agency in Lagos with one of the P-Square brothers among other businesses.

2. Jalang’o


When he is not on Radio, Jalang’o works as an MC for some of the biggest events, runs his media company Arena Media and owns a car bazaar.

3. Shaffie Weru


The Kiss FM breakfast show host is the Hennessey Brand Ambassador, he is an MC and is also the director of two companies including A1 entertainment.

4. Lulu Hassan


The Citizen TV Senior News Anchor is the CEO of Jiffy Pictures and she is the Producer of Moyo, Huba, Maza, Mchikicho wa Pwani and Aziza series.

5. DNG


The One FM presenter owns an events company called 254 entertainment, a digital agency, he is an MC and has also ventured into real estate.

6.Terryanne Chebet


Aside from hosting the #GoGettaz Entrepreneurship Contest on Kwesé TV, Terryanne also co-owns a digital agency called Scarlet Media and Keyara Organics a Natural Skin and Haircare company.

7. Fena Gitu


The musician is the brand ambassador for Marini Naturals, Denri Africa and Fenamenal ENT.

8. Betty Kyallo


She is the owner of  luxurious beauty parlour ‘Flair by Betty’ ,she is a Corporate MC and a Brand Influencer.

9. Julie Gichuru


The petite ex-news anchor is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Arimus Media Limited a production house that focuses on telling the African story.

She also owns Mcheza a sports betting franchise and a fashion retail company called Mimi Holdings LTD.

10. Eve D'Souza


The radio and TV personality owns Moonbean Productions which is known for the famous Kenyan sitcom ‘Auntie Boss’. When she is not calling the shots at Moonbeam she plays the role of the unhinged Varshiita who is Donavan’s girlfriend ‘Auntie Boss’.

She also produces and hosts a travel show called ‘Travel Diaries’ on DSTV and she is the brand ambassador for Store 66 and once worked with Cîroc Vodka as a brand ambassador.

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