Not Fair: Poorly cooked ‘Oha soup’ served as “Call Food” to UNTH doctors

Twitter users had a hard time confirming the identity of a strange looking meal.

An 'Oha soup' seemed a dead version of itself when presented in a post by a Twitter user.

The poor quality of meals reportedly served to doctors at the University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital (UNTH), Enugu State, has given room for complaints.

A tweet shared from the handle of a user, Loki, lamented about an undesirable dish believed to be Oha soup accompanied with a local staple food.

In a picture presented a watery-looking 'Oha' which didn't seem to impress the narrator so much.

Strange Oha soup meets negative reactions

Loki's tweet has encouraged reactions from other Twitter users who made a mockery of the unattractive meal reportedly served to UNTH doctors.

Observers were made to wonder about the ingredients used in preparing the meal considered to be lacking the nutritious items.

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