How Anto NeoSoul and Akothee enjoy their love for one another

Akothee is one lady who courts controversy.

She had an exclusive interview a few weeks ago claiming she is not dating Nelly Oaks despite all their PDA plastered all over social media.

Of course, we all rolled our eyes because we know how love looks like and what they do is what we call love.

Akothee and Nelly Oaks
The songstress and her lover

Well, Akothee might actually be telling the truth because she is exposing her love for someone else.

Anto Neosoul, who just released a song and is yet to release a movie inspired by the song, and Akothee have some babe love brewing.

Anto Neosoul
Anto Neosoul in prison

Anto Neosoul posted a picture of him cooking in a prison kitchen. She prodded him by writing his name and he responded with the words:


Anto Neosoul has a very silent relationship life. He has kept this love life under wraps but maybe this might see him coming out of the closet.

Anto Neosoul

She is one lady who advised women to depend on themselves. The other day she told her daughters not to fall for men they meet in clubs because they are actually broke.

We do know that Akothee is a lover for money, if you do not have it, she has no business with you.

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