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Nairobi Governor: Boniface Mwangi Advises Sonko on how to deal with death threats

Boniface Mwangi Advices Sonko on how to deal with death threats

Boniface Mwangi to Sonko

Vocal human rights activist Boniface Mwangi seems to know a thing or two on how to deal with death threats.

On Thursday, he advised Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko on how to deal with a threat he claimed had been issued on his life.

This comes after Sonko's interview on Citizen TV where he claimed that a powerful Government official had predicted his death.

Expose names

Mwangi, who has received several death threats in the past, told Governor Sonko to expose the names of those who have been sending him the messages.

The former Starehe Parliamentary aspirant gave examples of high profile Kenyans who were threatened before but after publicizing the matter their ‘killers’ took a back seat.

"When Chief Justice Willy Mutunga, Lawyer Paul Muite, and Ahmednassir Abdullahi learnt hit squads had been formed to kill them, they made the threats public.

"If Mike Sonko fears for his life, he should make public the threats. Don’t die silently. Let us know who wants you dead," Mwangi said.

Same advice

The activist also divulged that when he received death threats, former CJ Mutunga gave him the same advice he was handing to Sonko.


"Same advice @WMutunga gave me. Go to the police and give them details, who is planning to kill you and why then go public. MP Muchai refused to say publicly who was after him and why he was murdered. I don't recall Jacob Juma recording a police statement. Don't die with secrets," he said.

In 2017, Mr Mutunga accompanied Mwangi to Central Police Station where he recorded a statement noting that powerful people in the government had plans to harm him and his family.

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"My life has been haunted by all kinds of threats. Some close friends know about the intimidation that I receive, but I have always been reluctant to go public about them. I did not want to ever be the boy who cried wolf.” he said.


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