Rapper Tiara Launches new Fashion line and You will love it

Backed by her super-power musical brand, rapper Tiara Baluti has opened up a whole new world with the launch of her own clothing line.


Celebrities today can do whatever they want, which is why so many of them have branched out from just one form of art to explore the business world.

“I’m an artist, designer, model and philanthropist and when I first came out I was known for dancing but there’s so much more to me than what you read about in the media,” said the rapper as she showed us some of her designs.

She has also enrolled for a fashion course so as to enhance her knowledge of the industry.

“Right now I’m currently studying fashion and I have a label the Beautiful Mess collection I mainly make clothes for females of all shapes and sizes,” she told Zimbuzz.

Apart from music and now fashion Tiara also runs a charitable foundation Raviro Foundation which she named after her late mother, the organisation helps children in homeless shelters.

“I love the synergy between music and fashion and I want all aspects to be known because I have been putting so much time and energy in it and the world needs to see it,” added Tiara.

Check out some of her designs from Beautiful Mess




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