Slay queens, listen up! Places you are most likely to meet a rich blesser

If you thought the era of black women dating or marrying rich old white men is over, then your’e in for a surprise of a life time. Though rich old black men are also a catch these days, there’s is still a long way for them to go compared to their white counterparts.

As feminism gets stronger, many young women are now working and fending for themselves. Yet still, there are others who use foul means to earn their source of livelihood or to keep up with trends.

One of such means is getting themselves rich old white men ”sponsors”. The real question though is, how and where do these women find them. Here are a list of where and how to attract them:

  1.  The Internet: It’s perhaps the easiest and fastest ways to catch them. Gone are the days when they had to go online to scout for these old men. With increasing social media platform growth, the men now come to them. One would only have to choose a platform, say instagram and then post seductive and revealing photos to entice them (slay mamas)

These old men surprisingly slide into their DMs to propose to them. With a nose to spot the rich, they then choose the richest irrespective of the age. Some may be as old as their fathers or grandfathers.

Need I say these relationships are devoid of love? and purely for materialistic purposes.

2. Eatery and popular hangout places

These young attractive women deliberately go to five star or famous hotels and restaurants as well as country clubs, just to ”hang out”.

Mainly places they know for sure that rich old men frequent. At first sight, these women may seem just like any other person and therefore harmless.

But their end game is to do everything possible to attract the attention of these old men even if its to keep coming over and over again. They also don’t mind spending as they are sure to get a refund and then some.

The only requirement is for these men to be rich and connected, no need to be handsome, in a relationship, married.

3. Handlers to the rich old white men

Many white men both in Africa and outside, hardly have family members taking care of them. They would rather have them live in old people’s home and if that seems impossible  they hire handlers.

These ”slay mama” apply and are hired, they would then grant them all the affection they yearn for with the intention of either finding their way into their will or yet still marry them so as to become rich.

Some are believed to go to the extreme of killing them just to run off with their wealth.

4. Dating sites,

Another easy way for these ”slay queens” is to go on dating sites and pose as someone looking for a relationship or a fling. Many of these lonely white men are either divorced or widowed and in need of some sort of comfort.

These women don’t mind what it will cost them since whatever it is, can’t be compared to them being able to travel the world and their needs and more are provided.

Through some marry the ”sponsors”, they find on the down low younger men to be hooking up with. So as the affection they lack from the old men are met in the young.

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