Zari Hassan: The amount of money Zari Hassan was paid after Kenyan concert

South African based mogul Zari Hassan w was in the country last weekend for the Colour Purple Concert.

The moolah Zari the boss lady was paid for Colour Purple Concert

It has now emerged that Zari Hassan was paid KSh1 million for her Kenyan Concert 'Colour Purple Concert'.

The South African based mogul was in the country last weekend for the highly anticipated Colour Purple Concert.

According to a source who spoke to the Star, the boss lady was given KSh1 million and her accommodation and transport costs amounted to KSh 500,000 totalling to KSh1.5 million.

Kenyan concert

The Brooklyn City Schools CEO was in Kenya for the concert which was aimed at spreading cancer awareness and also having talks on women issues including motherhood and general lifestyle challenges that touch on women.

The mother of five revealed to the special reason why she took on the campaign against cancer. Zari supports cancer awareness events because of her late mother Halima Hassan.

Reason for taking part

She said, “The whole reason why I really decided to take on this initiative, my mom when she passed away we thought it was the sugar diabetes and high blood pressure but really like on the last minute they actually found out that she had a lump on her pancreas. I’m doing this for my mom and everybody out there who really needs to know.”

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Other than the cancer awareness, Zari had a series of media interviews. She also visited a number of hospitals where she gave out diapers.

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