Jacinta Adhiambo: I will have s3x with a snake – Woman filmed putting fish and chicken in nunu says

Jacinta Adhiambo reveals why she put fish and chicken in vagina

Some have called her a mad woman for her lewd acts.

Jacinta Adhiambo has become a viral sensation after videos of her inserting a mud fish and a drumstick into her private areas went viral.

Many were shocked by the indecent act but Jacinta remains largely unapologetic about the scandalous videos.


Speaking to The Nairobian, the mum of one urged people to mind their business as she was busy making money. And if you thought that the drumstick was shocking then brace yourself for more as she will have sex with a serpent.

“As you people shout out there that I am mad, I continue to make money. I am very much okay and I love what I am doing. You haven’t seen anything yet, wait till you see me do a serpent.” She told the paper.


The budding pornstar said that the lewd acts were inspired by her clients’ requests and if a client demands that she has sex with a dog, she will do it. “I do what my clients demand because they are my bosses. So, when someone pays to see me do a dog and I can get one, I will do it.”

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