Miguna Miguna: Mutahi Ngunyi’s interesting advice to Miguna after Sonko’s nomination

Take Deputy Governor job then impeach Sonko, Mutahi to Miguna

The Opportunity us from God.

Mutahi Ngunyi, a Nairobi based controversial political analyst, has urged Miguna to take up the job of Nairobi Deputy Governor, amid a storm from the Jubilee bigwigs, who want the decision by Sonko to be recalled.

The analyst thinks lawyer asked Miguna should take the Nairobi Deputy Governor job as it is "an opportunity from God".

In a twitter post on Thursday, Mr Ngunyi, said: "To my friend Miguna, (Iif he is still my SMS friend). You should climb down, Miguna. The Sonko offer is an opportunity from God.

He added: "Genuine or not, take it. Then read Niccolo Machiavelli on how to impeach Sonko in 100 days of potholes and Nairobi filth."


Sonko had earlier indicated that Miguna is "anti-cartels #1" so he is the perfect fit for a capital plagued by corruption and a seemingly endless cycle of lack of basic services.

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But in his response, Miguna told the analyst that he may have been to a school of comedy.

"My 'friend', Ngunyi, I didn't know that your 'Forthall School of Government' propaganda has now been transformed into the "School of Mystic Comedy."

He added: "Fortunately, I'm neither a student nor a teacher there. Best regards and cheers."


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