Nairobi Senator: Boniface Mwangi forced to eat humble pie after twitter fight with Sakaja

Boniface Mwangi eats humble pie after twitter fight with Sakaja

I stand corrected

Vocal human rights activist Boniface Mwangi was on Friday forced to take back his own words after starting a Twitter spat with Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja.

Mwangi had accused Mr. Sakaja of remaining mum on the controversial deportation of lawyer Miguna Miguna and only speaking after he was nominated to be the Deputy Governor by Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko.


The activist’s allegations were not taken kindly by the Senator, who went back to the archives to retrieve evidence of him speaking at the Senate on Miguna’s deportation.

Sakaja expressed his disappointment in Mr. Mwangi stating: “I’ve known you to be many things but not a liar. I’ve spoken about that and all those other issues on the floor of the Senate. That’s where I am mandated to speak and play my role. I defended his fundamental rights. The two issues are completely different".

After the correction, Mwangi ate humble pie and said he "stands corrected".

Here is how the fight started:

First Tweet:

Then came Mwangi's accusation

And Sakaja could not take it in

Slapped with the evidence Boniface Mwangi had to apologise

Sakaja then went ahead to retweet Mr Mwangi's 'apology'.

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