The Big Scoop On Kiss FM: Savara has his eyes on Mishi Dora and Sauti Sol are retiring

Forget the gloomy weather, Grab some popcorn, pull up a stool, and read the muchene we have for you. This week it’s been all about Frasha taking shots at Otile Brown, to Savara saying he would love to join Nairobi Diaries to hook up with Mishi, to Sauti sol saying they want to retire and relocate before a major comeback, and finally to Corazon Kwamboka sharing nude love pics with her le beau.

We start with Sauti Sol, who yesterday announced they are quitting. The boys wee in studio dropping their new song Short and Sweet. We sat down with them for an interview and they opened up and said they will quit, relocate. How now? they said they are setting up a record label, and their focus is shifting to managing, producing and putting out new talent instead. This could be before August.

There is another shocker they dropped as one Sauti Sol member has some naughty details he feels he needs to share.

Sometime back last year Mishi Dora came with a video of her in Mudigi Savara’s house. He denied it, but one of the videos was in the bedroom with him. There might be a surprise in Nairobi Diaries because Savara has said he might be joining the show, and could be in talks to appear in it.

Savara will only do it to come for Mishi Dora. Mishi are you ready? Woie Ciggy will have a hard time, but also remember she said he beat her up. In the reunion, Mishi was told to swear on the Bible, but refused.

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‘Pendo betrayed me, Ciggie beats me up,’ sobs Mishi Dora as she quits Nairobi Diaries

Enough already!!! Let’s move on to the drama between the ladies of Posh Palace and Flair Hair salons. Betty Kyallo and her former BFF Susan Kaitanny have been going at it since they went their separate ways.

Susan Kaitanny was set to host a million shilling Royal wedding viewing party at the fancy Windsor Hotel (I hope you noticed it’s a million bob). Anyho, Susan had put out a lot of fliers about how it, but says she withdrew from hosting the event for some reasons she didn’t reveal. Where will you be watching the Royal wedding? Let us know.

Have you finished your popcorn? Fill up before you read on. You are now familiar with Otile Brown and Vera Sidika flaunting their love. Frasha has now done an entire video mocking them, woiee.

Would you pay sh50,000 a plate to fundraiser for former Journalist Louis Otineo? Actully forget this question, you are not invited, and neither am I. He has a select number f pals who will be paying this amount, and Kenyans are not happy, saying those with kidogo money have been left out. Come to think of it he doesn’t have very many friends since most deserted him.

Would you pay if invited?

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