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Hamisa Mobetto: Are we stealing this hairstyle from Hamisa Mobetto?

Ladies, yes or no?

Hamisa Mobetto loves her braid styles.

We have seen her rock different braid styles such as micro cornrows and braids which she alternates with different wig and weave styles for a dashing look. The Tanzanian socialite comes with style and sass in tow and we can't help but admire. For a majority of us, making braid styles look classy is no cakewalk, after two weeks, our braids already have flyaways, dandruff, and they already look like they've been on the head for three months. But that's why we are us and Hamisa is, well, Hamisa and trust her to nail every hairstyle!


Currently, the yummy mummy is rocking pencil sized triangular braids adorned with braid accessories a curly puffy extension. The starlet posted some photos of her new hairstyle on Instagram, rocking a knock off Fendi outfit paired with strappy heels and her hairstyle was definitely awe-inspiring.

This is not the first time we are seeing the triangular braid style but we love how Hamisa added the curly extension to make add that unexpected twist to the style.

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Check it out:








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