DRC’s Xplosion Band Rocks West Nile Connect Night

Comedian Idringi led the ensemble as they danced to Congolese music

By Norah Mukimba
The West Nile Connect night returned for its second edition in full gear with fun-filled nonstop entertainment and numerous dance strokes that where showcased by not only the west Nilers but different revelers who attended the event.

With great live band performances by Xplosion band from Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), the night still remains one to be desired as it was full of entertainment that left revelers speechless as lingala, Rhumba, Duluka among other tunes where being played.

RUpare;ia Group led by Rajiv Ruparelia were at the event held at Speke Hotel

Live performance have progressively evolved into something more like musical art installations. Well, West Nile connect night was indeed an explosion that came from nowhere and it was unexpected.

The intoxicating, brooding and brilliant soul of the DRC-based band really demands widespread attention; the sweetness and fierceness of their voices, excellent sound instruments, have been likened by many, and their visuals, dancing styles are aptly dramatic.

There were also performances from, Dj Mandezo the sound boy from Arua, DJ Brian and many top artistes from the West Nile region.
West Nile Connect Night was incredibly hosted by one of the country’s best comics, Patrick Salvador (Man from Ombokolo) who also comes from the same Region and its main aim was to bring different tribes together for merrymaking.

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