Otile Brown and Vera Sidika: Anerlisa Muigai’s advice to Vera Sidika and Otile Brown

Anerlisa Muigai’s advice to Vera Sidika and Otile Brown

She has some heavy words!!

Keroche Breweries heiress and Executive Still Water CEO Anerlisa Muigai has sent a word of advice to Kenyan singer Otile Brown and his socialite girlfriend Vera Sidika.

In her advice, Anerlisa said that she liked and fully supported their relationship but advised that they should keep their personal life away from social media.


She went ahead and said that she learnt a lot from publicizing her relationships.

I support them but keep their personal life off social media. I have learnt a lot from it,” she said.

Ms. Muigai’s words came while she responded to one of her fans who sought to know her thoughts on the two love birds’ relationship.


Ending engagement

After ending her engagement to her ex-boyfriend sometime last year, Anerlisa Muigai made a resolution never to publicize the person she is dating because public relationships have too much pressure and they never last.

It shouldn’t be anyone’s business who you are dating or who you’ve been hanging around with. One thing I learnt is that its best to keep whoever you are seeing a secret and never show their face on social media. I decided to make that decision a while back after ending my engagement.


It’s sad to say this but most of the publicized relationships hardly last as there is so much pressure to keep up with all that mess. Keep the people you love a mystery and anyway there are so many people out there ready to spoil what you both have,” she said in a post on her social media pages.

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