Popular FDC female activist missing

Sandra Nansasi has gone missing

By Website writer
It begun like an ordinary day for Sandra Nansasi, 29, a business woman, strong government critic and FDC activist.
She woke up to prepare for work and as she rushed through breakfast, there was a knock on the door.
“We are looking for Nansasi. Where is she?” a man, according to relative who overheard the conversation.

When my sister opened the door, she found four men standing there. Then men identified themselves as security operatives and asked her to follow them.
They told her she was in big trouble. They asked her many questions including why she supports Besigye, how she has benefitted from him, why she wants to cause trouble by being part of Besigye’s defiance campaign.

Police arrests an FDC activist in Kampala

She (Nansasi) was blindfolded and taken away amidst protests that she was innocent and just an FDC supporter and mobilizer. She has never been seen since. They said they were taking her to Kawempe Police for questioning.
“It is true my sister was mobilizing for FDC in Kawempe and other parts of the country. Was she arrested for supporting Col. Dr. Kizza Besigye? Was she arrested for criticizing government? We are confused. We need the new Inspector General of Police (IGP) Okoth Martin Ochola to investigate her disappearance,” the aggrieved family member states.

There are many youths with a similar story to Nansasi. They have been picked up from Jinja, Iganga and Masaka on allegations of planning something sinister.
Nansasi’s ordeal is not isolated. Over the past two months, police and other security agencies have arrested several opposition activists on similar suspicions.

Dr. Stella Nyanzi and other FDC female activists have protested the arrest of their party members

Patrick Onyango, the police spokesperson for Kampala Extra, advised Nansasi’s family to open a case at the nearest police station so that police can launch an investigation.

Recently, Police arrested five Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) women activists and placed them under “preventive arrest”
Among the arrested women was Ingrid Turinawe, the head of the FDC Women’s League, and Anna Adeke Ebaju a Member of Parliament representing the National Female Youth.
FDC spokesman Hon Ssemujju Nganda condemned the cowardly act of the arrest.

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