Finance: Fresh trade war brews as Tanzania bans carrots from Kenya

The two countries have been experiencing frosty diplomatic rows for the past few months.

Tanzania has announced a blanket ban on Kenyan carrots in a move that is likely to spark a fresh round of trade tiff between the two countries.

Newly appointed Arumeru District Commissioner Jerry Muro announced the ban saying it is meant to protect local producers from competition.


“During the harvesting period, carrots are imported from the neighbouring country, but by the power I have been given by the president, not a single carrot will be imported into the district,” Mr Muro told Arumeru residents.

He said that all lorries plying the Arusha-Moshi Highway will be inspected to ensure middlemen do not import a single carrot from Kenya.

The move brings into question Tanzania’s commitment to open its borders for cross-border trade as required by the EAC Common Market Protocol.

Frosty diplomatic rows

Tanzania and Kenya have been experiencing frosty diplomatic rows for the past few months.

In November last year, Kenyan authorities were furious after Tanzania police burnt 6,400 one-day-old chicks from Kenya, on suspicion that they could spread bird flu.

At the same time,  the East African nation seized and auctioned off 1,300 cattle from Kenya, which had wandered across the border to graze.

President John Magufuli warned Kenya that any livestock wandering into his country would be confiscated.

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