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Where’s the Baby Love? Fans react after Otile Brown dumped Vera Sidika

The one couple that many thought was inseparable is no more. Otile Brown and Vera have officially split.

They have been making headlines for months based on their relationship with many stating that it’s not a real one and that it’s all a publicity stunt.

Well Vera took to social media to officially announce that Otile Brown broke up with her, just five days after he released his song ‘Baby Love’ that he claimed he dedicated to the love of his life. It seems she’s not the love of his life after all.

In a really long letter, Vera explained that she really loved the ninja but he told her that he doesn’t love her anymore.

It is officially over! Vera Sidika explains why Otile Brown dumped her

Otile Brown and I are no longer in a relationship. I know it’s not important but since social media was involved it’s good to just speak my mind about it here.
To avoid y’all tagging me on posts, sending me videos and all that stuff. I’m human. And just like every human. I have feelings, I experience all emotions. I cry. I laugh. I get happy. I get sad.
Feel free to judge. Feel free to share this post with your friends & gossip about it, feel free to Mock my situation. It’s okay, I’m human and I’m gonna be true to myself.”

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As usual, social media went crazy after she announced the news, with some followers saying that their relationship was not real in the first place.

Here are some mixed reactions from fans;

Jesse: 🤣🤣🤣🤣what do u expect when u r dating na them dey rush us gang

Ada: Pole ,bt isiwe kiki utatuboo mashaabiki zako

Gina: Conceal !!! don’t feel, don’t let them know. Nobody is what it, Nobody is what ur pain, tears or anything . Walk on and walk strong.

Aggy: Vera must be having a very big problem. Last time alimsingizia oga kua broke n being a conman sasa na huyu ni aje ? Lol 😝 Instagram relationships

Lillian: Do you always have to tell us about your d**ks & p**sy’s stuff, we know you guys just need attention from us but guess what?! we no longer have time for your bullshit .😏😏😏

Steve: @queenveebosset The only thing a person can ever really do is keep moving forward. Take that big leap forward without hesitation, without once looking back. Simply forget the past and forge toward the future.

Dwayne: We invested in this relationship heavily physically with bundles with bundles and you have done well updating us As the online Community we insist you try to talk things out ikishindikana update us again tujue kama mutawaachana. Thank you

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Sue: This calls for a celebration… I am happy you are free from Otile my bae @queenveebosset yaaay my bae is back, i forgive you and yea i will take you back… We are unbreakable… I love you too

Julie: Wewe na otile mtawacha ujinga lini, can y’all grow the f**k up.. Smh mko na utoto Sana.. Fagga

Margaret: @queenveebosset hapo kwa President from different countries walikuwa wanakutaka even Governor ….I would like to know which president i hope so Museveni ….hapo umeexeggerate

Nina: Hee vera Mimi the last thing I will do in life is to post a man or claim him in public….this might be fake but why even post them in the first place…we have families and kids but you can never see me posting him because men are unpredictable hutakaa kudelete kurudishwa apana …. though am not convinced…. Mimi hata nikimpata na mwanamke I will disown him like simjui

Sadube: Hebu mwacheni otile mtoto mdogo pia anawakula kichwa wamama kama vera

Angie: Girrl.. the dude was using you for a come up! Well it is what is it. Life goes on. You will be fine girl.

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Roshein: Tell us something concrete not to win our attention!…A real queen would never have done such a toying n childish stuff…we know what it takes to love someone but this is heeeelllll!…Keep on watching more soaps then mtuhadithie

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