No F**ks Given: Snoop Dogg Smokes A Marijuana Cigarette In Front Of The White House [Video]

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Snoops Sparks One Up At The White House

Snoops Dogg was feeling adventurous while visiting D.C. yesterday. The father of funky west coast rhymes was cruising passenger side in his Black SUV when he asked the driver to pull over near the Whitehouse. Snoop hesitated at first when he saw there was no parking but F it!

The Dogg Father grabbed his rolled up blunt and headed to a nearby bench, and that’s when things got lit. Literally.

Instagram Photo

Snoop spoke casually to fans as he enjoyed his marijuana cigarette…

Instagram Photo

Snoop captioned his videos “I had to do it.” This man is really chilling and smoking an *ahem* cigarette in front of the Whitehouse! Are you amused?

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Salute to the OG!

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