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Cheeto-In-Chief Donald Trump Spews Corny Clap Back At The Obama’s After Hearing Excerpt From Michelle’s New Book [Video]

 (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Donald Trump Responds to Michelle Obama’s Comments From Book

According to CNN, Donald Trump clapped back at former first lady Michelle Obama and former President Barack Obama over a forthcoming memoir in which the former first lady said she would “never forgive” Trump for his role in the “birther” movement.

“She got paid a lot of money to write a book and they always expect a little controversy…I’ll give you a little controversy back, I’ll never forgive (President Barack Obama) for what he did to our US military. It was depleted, and I had to fix it,” Trump said. “What he did to our military made this country very unsafe for you and you and you.”


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It sounds like Donnie didn’t want any smoke with the former first lady, so he lashed out at Barack.

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