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Denrele Edun is any gender you can imagine in a miniskirt matching her bold heels

Denrele Edun is any gender you can imagine in photos of him wearing a miniskirt

Denrele Edun chooses to live beyond the limitation of gender in daring pictures that also reveals him with the cheerfulness of a schoolgirl.

Denrele Edun pushes for gender neutrality and an opportunity to live any life one pleases in pictures revealing him in high spirit.

He is a cheerful schoolgirl in the colourful images showing him in a skirt and a high-heeled pair of shoes.

"We can have an easier time being ourselves when we don't have to focus on fitting into these specific boxes!," he writes in an Instagram post he shared on Friday, November 9, 2018.

For him, it inspires so much joy being able to switch between personalities. Fashion helps him do that.

The VJ makes a good point noting that he keeps his personal life away from showbiz. He is as daring as often when he proposed caring for something out of the ordinary.

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Beyond this he knows how to take care of himself. Denrele Edun thrives on the idea of self-motivation.

"I never ask for anything in a relationship….. because I have this Sugar Daddy I have created for myself: ME!

"I am my own Sugar Daddy, my own Sponsor. I have a very strong male side, which I developed to protect my female side. If I want a diamond necklace, I can go and buy myself a diamond necklace!"



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