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Slow Down, Go Fast: Kylie Jenner Fans Thought Travis Scott’s Romantic Gesture Meant THIS

Image via Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic/Getty

Kylie Jenner Fans Thought Travis Scott Was Proposing

Travis Scott appears to treat Kylie Jenner pretty well from what we can see, but her fans are seemingly obsessed with the idea of Cactus Jack asking for young billionaire’s hand in marriage (does he have to ask Caitlyn first out of respect? #QTNA).

According to TMZ, fans went full-on Michael Scott “It’s happening!” meme when Kylie posted a video of hundreds of bouquets of roses that had been delivered to her house.

Sadly, it was NOT a marriage proposal. Travis was simply congratulating his baby mama on of her lil’ makeup collab with ULTA.

Nothing more, nothing less. Everybody relax.

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