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‘You inspire me with your passion’ Willis Raburu bids co-host Joey Muthengi goodbye as she exits 10/10 show

You will no longer see Joey Muthengi on Citizen’s 10/10 show as she hosted the show for the last time yesternight.

Joey announced the news via social media, expressing her gratitude to have been part of the show since it started.

She wrote, “Tonight I laughed, cried, danced…sometimes at the same damn time 😀 Thanks for tuning in to my final 10/10 show. Still hasn’t sunk in yet. So many emotions. Like who cries on national TV??… 😅😅😅
Finally felt like I could give my natural hair a chance to shine tho (Had shaved my head bald a few weeks before I got my job at Citizen btw 😄 – fun fact)…talk about things coming full circle!
All in all I’m SO thankful for the opportunity. Looking forward to the future. Trusting that the God I serve got there waaay before me and is now preparing my path to the next chapter. Thanks a mil for the ❤. Watch this space…Cause HE ain’t done with me yet 🙌🏼. Can I get an Amen?! 😊

Well, her co-host Willis Raburu took to social media to shower her with nothing but beautiful praises, thanking her for taking this journey with him and for being a good friend.

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He wrote,

What a ride it has been. You inspire me with your passion and meticulous planning, your organization and your amazing spirit. Most people don’t even understand our chemistry or how hard it is to find in this industry. Outside of it you are my friend. Never judging, always protecting and simply put, you get me.

“Thanks for coping with the noise and for standing with me always in good times and bad (it’s been quite the year) . Listen, God’s got such amazing plan for your life you have no idea. No one can dim your shine. So @joeymuthengi shine on! Imma be here cheering you through it all. God bless you Young J! 🔥🔥🔥.”

Joey was overwhelmed with emotions as she replied to Willis with a touching comment.

When I’m done crying..😢😪😓…we shall revisit this comment section. I’m overwhelmed today. So many emotions. But thank you. Thank you. Just thank you 💙💙💙,‘ she wrote.

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