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3 easy sex positions guys can’t resist

3 easy sex positions guys can’t resist

Always find positions that you and your partner will find irresistible.

You want to make your partner happy, but you want to be happy yourself, which is a reasonable thing to want.

If you’re looking for ways to do both, you should check out some sex positions that are not only fun for you but will totally drive your partner wild. Below are sex positions that your guy wouldn't be able to resist.

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1. The seated scissors

If your partner loves to look at your rear, then they will love this one. It's like reverse cowgirl, but your partner bends their legs and you get to use it for support.


2. The superman doggy

Guys love doggy style, but this is a little different and more fun for you. For this position, you just bend over and have your partner stand behind you. Be sure to use a lot of lube in order to get it on easily.


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3. The butterfly

It's easy but still different than your normal missionary position. Have your partner stand on the edge of the bed as you lay down and raise your hips.

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