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Clocked Cooch: Florida Police Find Four Rolex Watches Stuffed Inside Woman’s Vagina

Florida Police Find Stolen Watches Inside Woman

A bizarre Florida (of course) arrest is going viral. Miami Springs police say a woman stole her four Rolex watches while on a date and discreetly hid them in a “special” spot. The Miami Herald reports that Delajurea Brookens was arrested and strip-searched and corrections officers found four (FOUR!) Rolex watches inside her vagina.

Officers report that she met Orlando businessman Ramon Diaz Tuesday night at a nightclub on Ocean Drive and went back to a hotel room with him. As Diaz freshened up in the bathroom the suspect allegedly found Rolex watches worth an estimated $108,000 inside a Crown Royal bag, grabbed the bag and ran out of the room.

The Herald reports that Diaz caught her trying to hail a cab before she hit him over the head. Police then arrived on scene and took her into custody reportedly kicking and screaming—before the pilfered timekeepers were found inside her cooch cavity.

If you thought the story couldn’t get crazier you’re wrong, authorities report that it was fairly easy to identify Brookens because she has the word “Whore” tattooed on her arm.


Source: Holger Leue / Getty


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What do YOU think about this lady boldly balling up watches and sticking them in her (apparently) never-ending nether regions?


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