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Colorism Chronicles: Peter Thomas Belittles Dark Skinned Black Women In Blonde Wigs [Video]

Toya Wright's All Black Birthday Affair

Source: Prince Williams / Getty

Really??? Peter Thomas Has Issues With Black Women In Blonde Wigs

Peter Thomas thinks Black women who were blonde hair are getting “laughed” at and he desperately wants to help them. In a recent IG video, Peter sent a PSA to “Black as f*ck” women who wear blonde wigs.

Peter said, “Everything is not for everyone, all style don’t fit everyone, rock with what you know look good on you before you walk out of your house, don’t make us look crazy.” Who is US, Peter??!

Hit play to hear his message.

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Really??! After this message went up, Peter came to his senses and issued an “apology”. His follow up video was inspired by talks with his “sisters.”

Do YOU forgive him?

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