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‘I was in for a surprise’ Njugush narrates the day he was in fear of not affording a date

Njugush seems like he has been through a lot, and from all the interviews he does he always acknowledges his journey.

He is now considered one of the funniest and influential comedians in Kenya. In his life story on the Safaricom advert, he says he always used to watch people who’ve made it in life and wished to be there and that is where he is now.

In addition to his career struggles, he posted on social media the hardships he went through to make his girlfriend happy. We do know when it comes to food, that is her happiness.

Njugush had it rough when it came to date night. Most of their dates were in Uhuru Park where he knew he could afford the little snacks there, but she would always say she is satisfied to help him save money.

He recalls in 2014 where he scooped 1000 bob after a set book show and decided to treat his woman in a restaurant but he had to repay a ksh500/- loan he had taken from a friend. So their meal had to be worth ksh500/-.

Now when we came here in 2014, I was hoping ile 500 nilikua nayo ingetosha..well I was in for a surprise.
When for the 1st time aliona I took her to a date somewhere with walls open-air dates were the thing…(well cause of how our pockets were setup)…CBD akajua kajamaa kana pesa (we have been paid 1kfor a set book show nilikua nimechapa
So nikalipa deni ya 500 I had ..then the rest nikaamua nichafue mrembo)
Now here we are….kimuhahe kikaniambia I tell her “take what you want”..big mistake.

Celestine ordered a meal worth ksh650and all he had was ksh500/- but he had a friend he could almost always count on.

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Now there’s a dish known as Arosto….I think ni mbuzi mtoto…meat so soft…I always keep wondering if it would be appropriate to say you are kidding bad joke I know. 
Wue ilikua 650 Sinia moja….150 more than I had….sema kusweat…mrembo was so happy lakini chini ya maji i was nervous….well luckily i had a friend ..and what are friends for ???especially when date iko karibu kugonga ukuta

njugush and Wife celestine

That restaurant will forever be a memory to Njugush because right after he got the extra ksh500/-, he could now give her a full meal with no worry.

Hapa nilijua huyu mrembo nitamtorture na food design she would never forget…I asked for juice ina big glass…and not any other juice, Mangoe juice…
Long story short juu mtoto ameanza Kulia, hajawahi sahau..
Okay every weekend angesema turudi hapa lakini sababu gerald hangenikopesha, inabidi I devise maugonjwa…” babe naskia kichwa funny” ooh “babe nikama Niko na malaria” 

The best thing is now he can take his wife and his baby boy out on a date in the same restaurant and afford it.

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