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If you are doing these jobs you will soon be jobless

Half of current jobs will be taken over by AI (Artificial Intelligence) within 15 years, one of China’s leading AI experts has warned.

Kai-Fu Lee, the author of bestselling book AI Superpowers: China, Silicon Valley, and the New World Order, told the world of employments was facing a crisis ‘akin to that faced by farmers during the industrial revolution.’

‘People aren’t really fully aware of the effect AI will have on their jobs,’ he said.

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He believes it is imperative to ‘warn people there is displacement coming, and to tell them how they can start retraining.’

Luckily, he said all is not lost for humanity.

‘AI is powerful and adaptable, but it can’t do everything that humans do.’


Sales and Marketing Research
Insurance adjuster
Security guards
Truck drivers
Consumer loan underwriter
Financial and sports journalists
Bookkeepers & Financial Analysts
Fruit pickers
Investment professionals

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Medical caregivers
AI researchers and engineers
Fiction writers
Criminal defense attorney
Computer Scientists & Engineers
Managers (actually leaders)

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Fitness trainer – Will customize programs for each of us, provide companionship, and create a forcing function for us not to procrastinate.

Elderly caretaker – While AI can help with monitoring, security, and perhaps movement of the elderly, only human assistants can help with bathing, dressing, and most importantly conversation and keeping company. These are not doable by AI.

House cleaner – Cleaner, gardener, and other jobs that work in unstructured spaces with changing conditions are difficult for robots, although smarter appliances like the Roomba will take away some workload

Nurse – Nurses, child care workers, mental health support specialists, and drug rehabilitation therapists are among the most difficult for machines to replicate, because of the high degree of human interaction, communications, and trust-building.

Concierge – While standard services are handled by the Internet (travel websites), and AI (autonomous fast-food and coffee), there will be a larger premium offered to substantially better services with a human touch, personalization, and long-term relationship and trust. Leisure and entertainment will be good growth areas in the era of AI.

Athlete – Athletics and sports will not be affected at all just because machines will become better at the games.

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Nanny – Many of the physical tasks of the nanny (vacuuming, washing dishes) will ultimately be automated, as the nanny job gradually shifts to more ‘love and personalization’

Tour Guide – A good tour guide is a good story teller, which means he or she combines personal experiences, theatrical styles, and encyclopedic knowledge into an inimitable experience.

Recruiter – Human resources in general, recruiting in particular, and headhunters specifically, are very much about the human touch.

Data processing and labeling – AI will be trained on an unbelievable amount of ever-increasing data, which at least initially need to be manually selected, processed, labeled, and categorized.

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