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Why Hellen Lukoma “hid” groom from public

Hellen Lukoma and her new man Kaka had a secret wedding

By Kampala Sun Writer
Kampala is a dusty city. But it is not even half as grimy as Hellen Lukoma’s dating life. She is beautiful. And extra sexy. Extra because she almost always bears it all. And her body is easy on the eye. The women rant about her relentless nudity, because they envy her. They’d perhaps be worse, if they had a body as good as hers. If they had her long legs. Her #melaningoals. She didn’t bleach, to be the marvel that she is. A natural and seemingly flawless skin color. A photogenic face. Every woman would kill to be in her body. The men, on the flip side of this coin, are seldom pretentious about her daring sexiness. Because while the women complain, many men in Kampala would rather get trapped in the clasp of her long dare-devil fingers. They’d rather worship at the altar of her sexiness.

Yet that has never been reason enough for the men to be good to her. They slide in her life with promises and leave as stealthily. They’ve toyed and stomped on her heart, till it was numb. It didn’t make sense to her, or the many that envied her beauty. Before last week, she had successfully cut it to the proverbial beautiful but unlucky lot. But as the Kampala Sun can reliably reveal, her bad days are behind her. Kaka Anwar wouldn’t let that happen. He didn’t stop at nursing her wounds. He walked the miles no man had ever walked, when he got introduced at her parents place in Kira, Buwate last week.

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The couple looked happy at their wedding day

Hellen Lukoma’s dating woes

There have been many unsung villains in the Hellen Lukoma love story. But Dean Nsubuga stands out, almost naturally. For his cockiness. For how in 2012, he went on his knees and proposed to her in the Atmosphere section of the now defunct Liquid Silk. But sources revealed that the love, if there ever was, dwindled almost after that.
“Her relationship with Dean was, for the most part, a façade; a show they put up for the public. He insulted her publicly, and they pretended it was a joke, but it clearly never was. They attached little value to their relationship, and it was definitely headed for the flames,” relayed a friend of Hellen.

There was also that controversial Valentine’s publicity stunt, when they claimed that Dean Nsubuga had bought her a car on Valentine’s Day. As it turned out, however, the car was a publicity stunt, and it was never existent. A situation that, according to sources, left Hellen wondering if she’d ever get a man who’d actually afford to buy her a car.
And her prayers seem to have been answered in Kaka Anwar. According to sources, when she accepted to marry him earlier in July, she was immediately gifted with a UBD series Toyota Harrier, the type famously known as ‘Kawundo’. And it didn’t stop there, on her 30th birthday in October, he allegedly granted her a mansion that though unfinished, was going to spend a whooping 300M. And if that’s not how you get a woman to marry you, we don’t know how else.

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How they met.

According to sources, Hellen Lukoma met Kaka Anwar through the then manager of fellow musical artiste, Alviin Kiiz.
“Hellen Lukoma had gone to talk to Alvin for a collaboration, and so that he could help write her song ‘Ndaga Muntu’. After writing the song however, focus shifted to her. The talented Alvin Kiiz was resigned to just a musical writer for Hellen Lukoma, and it didn’t seem to sit well for him. Kaka started paying too much attention to her, and on noticing that he was a wealthy man, she started seducing as well. Her sitting postures became calculated lures; inner thigh sneak peeks that often trapped the eyes of Kaka. He became thirstier by the day, and eventually asked her out. A proposal to which she replied with a condition, that if they became officially man and wife. The new arrangement, after being agreed upon, saw the departure of Alvin Kiiz to Jeff Kiiwa’s Team No Sleep, and paved way for the marriage that has now materialized,” recalled a source.

Hellen hides man

According to sources, Kaka is a wealthy business man who deals in real estate, electronics and music.
“He has two renowned computer shops on Majestic Plaza, on top of being the owner of Can Music, a music management label. But it seems Hellen Lukoma doesn’t want the public to know her man. When we called her, she maintained that Kaka was just a business man and that was it.
“I am definitely happy about my introduction. But no, my man is not my musical manager, and has never done anything to do with music. He is simply a normal business man,” relayed Hellen Lukoma.
When we however called around, we were informed that Kaka Anwar is indeed the owner of Can Records, the music label that has been managing Hellen Lukoma’s music career for the past year or so. And the reason why she is hiding him from people’s faces is protection of her newly acquired wealth source. Her introduction came at 30, and attracted friends from all over the world who’d travelled to the diaspora for work, and knew about her dating woes.


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