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I would not be ashamed if I was dating Kenzo – Pia Pounds

By Ahmad Muto

Fast-rising singer Pia Pounds has responded for the umpteenth time to the rumour that has failed to go away – that she is dating her record label boss, Big Talent’s Eddy Kenzo.

She said she is tired and hoped it is the last time she responds to the rumour. She says she is not a liar so if she was dating the BET award winner, she would not be ashamed but would speak about it with pride. “If I was dating Eddy Kenzo, I would not be ashamed of it, trust me but I am not. It has never happened and by the way, not even in the near future,” she says.

kenzo watches on as Pia Pounds signed onto his label

The songstress notes that they found something special and much bigger than love – a business relationship. “We found something special, we are more than friends, we have a business relationship so we have to make money and nothing beats a business relationship,” she adds.

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