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Valentine’s day special: Artistes’ speak out on cost cutting

By Joan Murungi

Valentine’s Day is already here, with heart adorned cards, luxury outings and gift hampers of all kinds.
There will of course be some people who will not receive any of this or even a flower but instead spend it like any other normal day.
This is because some people feel are obliged to spend a lot of money for symbolic gesture of love on Valentine’s Day. Take heart, artistes have shared on how Valentine’s Day can be spent without spending a fortune.
Have a home dinner and make it red-Lydia Jazmine

While speaking to the Kampala sun, the you and me singer revealed how Valentine’s Day has never been her stress factor. She therefore advised ladies to make their lover’s favorite dish and have the house decorated as a lovers spot.

Lydia Jazmine prefers a home cooked meal

“You can light up a few candles, dress in red or even have red flowers through around the dinner table and in the bedroom. That is so romantic to me,”Lydia Jazmine revealed.

Have a night Movie in your house-Fefe Busi
“Get a romantic love movie from the movie library and watch it in your house. Pop corns are at a cheaper cost of shs 300.Those are hardly forgotten moments by a couple,”Fefe Busi said.
However much many say that side chicks are always met on the day after Valentine’s Day, the small rapper emphasized that his lover will have a chance to meet him the day after Valentine’s Day. His gigs come first then valentine will follow.

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Feffe Bbusi vouches for Get a romantic love movie from the movie library and watch it in your house.

Keep that same old good love strong-Bebe cool

There are moments you have always shared while in courtship and your partner would love to see them over and over again. If it’s treating her like a princess, keep the same old love constant.

Bebe Cool and Zuena

“Only that will keep her heart never demanding anything for Valentine’s Day. How special you have always treated her is so much important, ”Bebe-cool advised.

Buy his or her favorite present-King Saha
If it was a senga’s session, King Saha would be the best advisor. When approached, he grabbed his seat and advised “some people love romantic love message, a phone call telling her how much you love her, buy a watch, necklace.”

Such things are always available at any price. If that suits your budget, do that. That is so much respect for love in any category you have presented it,” king Saha added.

Have sex all day-Pallaso
Pallaso sounded joyous when the word valentine landed his ears. He advised a couple that is not financially stable to create a CD of their favorite love songs and keep indoors all day.

Pallaso has shared his two cents on Valentines Day

“They can go to Mama Nalu in Wandegeya and get food at 3k.They can then got back home and have sex the all day while listening to their music,”Pallaso revealed.

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Spend a night at the beach-Ykee Benda
“Beach entrance is 3k.Spend a night at the beach with a bottle of wine and a chocolate. This is a special moment any couple can ever have for Valentine’s Day,”Ykee Benda revealed.

Ykee Benda

Meanwhile, the singer is set to have a valentine dinner with one of his lucky fans at Skyz Hotel Naguru. This comes after he revealed that the winner will be a female fan with the most viewership and comments of his singa song challenge on his page. This has left many of the females that took part of the challenge unhappy since they believe MarthaUg will grab this chance. Martha Ug’s video of her singing Ykee Benda’s singa song has got the biggest number of comments on Ykee Benda’s page.


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