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Jesus Take The Wheel: Va Mother Arrested For Poisoning Her Disabled Son With Her Blood ‘For Attention’


Source: EyeEm / Getty

Elizabeth Malone Arrested For Poisoning Son

A Virginia woman is making international headlines for her shocking behavior.
Elizabeth Malone of Fairfax County, VA pleaded guilty Wednesday to child abuse. NBC Washington reports that she admitted to putting her blood in her son’s nose and mouth while he was in the hospital so that the boy could get attention from the hospital staff.

Her son who’s non-verbal and has multiple disabilities was apparently hospitalized seven times between March and May of 2018. The boy also has a tracheotomy, central line, and a feeding tube.
Hospital officials first suspected foul play after noticing blood coming out of his g-tube and tracheotomy along with spontaneous bleeds.

Suspicion reached a fever pitch however when a nurse found a bloody napkin in the bathroom and noticed a syringe up Malone’s arm. A hidden camera was then installed in the child’s room and Malone was busted injecting her own blood into the boy.

NBC reports that her actions caused life-threatening reactions, fevers, and infections in the 5-year-old.

After finally admitting her actions to authorities Malone said via an attorney that she was dissatisfied with his medical care and wanted him to get “more attention.

“She denies any intention to harm her child,” her attorney told a judge. “She loves her child like any mother.”

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The child’s condition has reportedly improved significantly since Malone’s arrest. She will be sentenced in July.


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