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Mom Files $500 Billion Lawsuit Against Parents In College Admissions Scandal After Her Son With 4.2 GPA Was Denied Entry

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Mother Sues Admissions Scammers For $500 Billion After Her Son Was Denied College

According to the NY Post, a Bay Area mother has reportedly filed a lawsuit against the host of coconspirators in the college bribery case that has taken over the nation.

Jennifer Kay Toy, a former Oakland teacher is reportedly suing for $500 billion after her son was denied admission from a number of colleges named in the case despite having an impeccable academic record and a solid 4.2 GPA.

“I’m outraged and hurt because I feel that my son, my only child, was denied access to a college not because he failed to work and study hard enough but because wealthy individuals felt that it was OK to lie, cheat, steal and bribe their children’s way into a good college,” Toy said in the lawsuit.

“I’m now aware of the massive cheating scandal wherein wealthy people conspired with people in positions of power and authority at colleges in order to allow their children to gain access to the very colleges that Joshua was rejected from, I’m not a wealthy person, but even if l were wealthy l would not have engaged in the heinous and despicable actions of defendants.”

Get your money, sis!

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