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Damn Skippy: Nipsey Hussle’s Friend Who Was Arrested After Being Shot Set To Be Freed Today

Nipsey Hussle's Celebration Of Life And Funeral Procession In Los Angeles

Source: Chelsea Guglielmino / Getty

Nipsey Hussle’s Friend Kerry Lathan To Be Released From Jail

People were rightfully outraged when news broke that the Los Angeles District Attorney and the Dept. of Corrections had Nipsey Hussle’s friend Kerry Lathan arrested for violating his parole for associating with a gang member, Nipsey, after he was shot during the rapper’s murder.

Kerry was the reason that Nipsey went to the Marathon store that fateful day as the rapper wanted to get his friend some fresh clothes so that he could see his family later that day.

According to TMZ, Kerry is soon to be a free man this week, again. Lathan was transferred to Men’s Central Jail in downtown L.A. but the Dept. of Corrections has inexplicably chosen to withdraw their petition to have his parole revoked.

Our guess is that they didn’t want no smoke with the public. It clearly wasn’t because IT’S THE RIGHT F***ING THING TO DO or else they never would have arrested him in the first damn place.

It is said that Lather will be released today.

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