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For Discussion: Keanu Reeves “Self-Identifies” As A Person Of Color

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Source: Apega/ / WENN

Keanu Reeves Talks Asian Representation In Hollywood

Was anyone else aware that Keanu Reeves considers himself a… person of color?

In a new interview with Essence, the John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum actor says he’s “not a spokesperson” for Asian actors in Hollywood, per say, but apparently he is all about “furthering” on-screen representation.

From Essence:

When ESSENCE caught up with Reeves last month, the actor admitted that he’s ‘not a spokesperson’ for Asian actors in the Hollywood community.

Still, it doesn’t mean the Canadian, who grew up around Chinese culture thanks to his grandmother, doesn’t care about furthering representation onscreen.

‘I hope that whatever opportunities I’ve had, or the work that I’m doing, in some way can entertain and can also—I don’t want to say teach—but have something of value come out of it,’ he added.

The third installment of his film franchise hits theaters today, during Asian Pacific American Heritage Month. The site states he “self-identifies as a person of color” and…

“He added that the series is ‘fortunate to have the following we do, and have it resonate so well—with not just one demographic of an audience—to have it [resonate] cross-culturally…as well as internationally.’”


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