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BBC producer Makena’s Benz vandalized over cheating allegations

You might have seen Makena on Twitter’s number one trending topic and wondering who is this girl?

Well, let me bring you up to speed.

She is famously known for her role on Tahidi High and Grace Msalame had her on her show, Unscripted, a while back.

On the show, she opened up about her tough childhood with a violent father who infected her mother with HIV.

Today Makena is trending because her white Mercedes Benz has been vandalized with very harsh and vulgar language.

‘MAKENA CHEATER’ was written on the side of the car with black spray paint AND ON THE BONNET, AN ANGRY EXPLETIVE,  “F*CK YOU’

People on Twitter are busy trying to understand the puzzle wondering who this bitter lover is destroying the one thing Makenna was proud of owning.

During Michelle Ntalami’s birthday, Makena was there and they posted a lot of pictures enjoying their holiday together.

Now guys have gone deep to investigate and are now insinuating that those  holiday pictures are the reason for the vandalism.

‘Aww I love you Michie’ Whispers Fena to Michelle Ntalami

One thing that has also come out from the tweets is that KOT are suspecting whoever was cheated on, is a girl.

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When we called Makena for a comment she acted like nothing of the sort is happening and said she knows nothing about her car being vandalized.

Read more here.


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