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Just elephants on a stroll: Giant beasts grazing in a Siberian town leave locals in awe (VIDEO)

/ Reuters

Two elephants nonchalantly walking amid residential high-rises have stunned locals in Yakutia, a Russian region famous for its record-breaking low temperatures and for discoveries of the big animals’ ancestors – woolly mammoths.

The footage, posted on social media on Sunday, shows two giant animals leisurely gliding through an unsuspecting residential neighborhood in the Siberian town of Yakutsk. They are attended by a chaperone, who, however, makes no move whatsoever to explain their appearance there.

The utterly surprised yet undoubtedly entertained onlookers can be heard saying “finally, along our streets Big Elephant has been led!” a reference to a well-known Russian fable about an elephant taken for a stroll in a town.

The giant animals turned out to have arrived to the city with an Italian Circus company, according to local media. They have crossed half of Russia in special trucks, and although they had air conditioning and heating systems according to the company, their stroll had been well-earned.

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