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‘Most bad-ass mom ever!’ Kinsey Wolanski’s future mother-in-law attempts streak at Cricket World Cup

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Kinsey Wolanski, the girl who melted the internet when she invaded the pitch during the UEFA Champions League final, has hailed her future mother-in-law after she attempted to streak at the Cricket World Cup final in London.

Elena Zdorovetskiy was intercepted by security before she could make her way onto the field, but the incident was captured on camera. And Wolanski couldn’t be more proud of her future mother-in-law.

Sharing a photo of Elena’s attempted pitch invasion, Wolanski tweeted in all caps: “VITALYS MOM STREAKS CRICKET WORLD CUP,” then followed up with another tweet exclaiming: “MOST BAD ASS MOM EVER.”

Vitaly also shared the pic to Instagram, with the message: “My mom streaking The Cricket World Cup. What a legend!”

It follows hot on the heels of Wolanski’s now world-famous streaking appearance at the UEFA Champions League final earlier this summer. Wolanski and Zdorovetskiy also planned a similar appearance during the Copa America final, but were thwarted by organizers.

Wolanski’s Champions League final appearance saw her Instagram account gain more than two million followers, while some reports have suggested that the incident earned Zdorovetskiy’s channel “Vitaly Uncensored” as much as $3.7 million.

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