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‘Richest ankles I’ve ever collected’: Street basketball legend on ‘dropping’ Mayweather (VIDEO)


Larry ‘The Bone Collector’ Williams, a street basketball legend, says Floyd Mayweather’s are the “richest ankles I’ve ever collected” after ‘dropping’ the multiple-weight boxing legend in a charity match on Monday.

Williams and Mayweather crossed paths at the ’50k Charity Challenge Match’ in Los Angeles on Monday and ‘The Bone Collector’, named for his uncanny ability to ‘snap ankles’ on the court proved that the 50-0 boxer isn’t impervious to the powers of gravity.

His footwork caused the retired champ to fall over on the court – leading people to remark that it was the first time that Mayweather had ever been dropped in his career.

To add insult to injury, Williams sank an effortless three-pointer moments after Mayweather’s tumble but how did the ex-multi-weight world champ, who has rarely tasted any form of defeat, react to the potentially embarrassing moment?

He came back and played hard,” Williams said to TMZ. “After that it was more of a mutual respect thing. I’ve got one rule: if you don’t respect it then you will get collected.”

Mayweather marks – by far – the most high profile star to have been crossed by the Bone Collector and he says their tussle developed into something of a psychological battle.

He didn’t say much,” Williams said of Mayweather after he fell. “It was a mind game after that. Floyd’s a competitor, he wanted to challenge me and, you know, I was ready for the challenge. After that it was more a mutual respect thing.”

No boxer has even officially been credited with sending Mayweather to the canvas (though Zab Judah did force him to touch the canvas with his glove, which was missed by the referee) making Williams the only athlete to have done so – at least in front of an audience.

To be honest, I’m still just so stuck in the moment. The shot, I didn’t even see it go in. Snoop knocks me on the floor, Nate Robinson tackles me out of the air, [Rob] Gronkowski is punching me on the ground,” Williams went on.

“So I’m still caught in the moment but I guess in the next few days it will all sink in but right now I’m just really loving all the support that everybody’s giving me right now.”

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